Earn More Money with a Lean Six Sigma Salary

Lean Six Sigma Salaries:  Over $100K

Lean Six Sigma salaries typically range from $96,000 to $119,000, with an average base salary of $109,000; this according to Salary.com.

In the USA, a competent Lean Six Sigma practitioner will earn as little as $79,000 but most will make over $100,000, based on the online job.  As you gain mastery and experience, you will be able to garner over $130,000.  Combine your Lean Six Sigma with tech skills or advanced analytics (machine learning) and you can pull in $150,000 -$200,000+.

At the time of this writing (Feb 2019), depending on the job board, there are about 13,000 (Indeed) to 18,000 (Ziprecruiter) Lean Six Sigma jobs.

13,000 to 18,000 Lean Six Sigma jobs available

Simply put, a Lean Six Sigma professional is skilled at

  • team problem-solving
  • process improvement
  • data analysis
  • project management and implementation
  • business case development
  • organizational change management (overcoming resistance to change)
  • executive presentation

In general, Lean Six Sigma roles follow the concept of martial art “belts.”  The three most common belts are:

  • White Belt.
  • Green Belt. Work under guidance of a Black Belt project leader. The ASQ defines the body of knowledge (BOK) for Green Belts.
  • Black Belt.  Focused full time on leading Lean Six Sigma projects.  The ASQ defines the body of knowledge (BOK) for Black Belts.

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