Lean Six Sigma

Brief History of Lean Six Sigma & Future of AI

About Frank “Rio” Shines
As mentioned before, I have developed this website to share with you (Oscor, Military Veterans & Others) proven Lean Six Sigma problem solving and digital transformation methods that work. These ideas come from lessons learned from the USAF, IBM, Ernst & Young, McKesson, Express Scripts and traveling and living abroad in China, S. Korea, Japan, Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

i hope to play some small role in helping to close the Income Inequality Gap in the USA and around the world. And my goal is to bring to “the little guy / gal” the mental mindset, skills, ideas and methods used and valued by top organizations.

I was born in the Silicon Valley and attended high school near Seattle. I later graduated from the US Air Force Academy, learned to fly jets, then traveled the world helping top military brass, government officials and corporate executives improve their organizations using Lean Six Sigma Digital Transformation and AI machine learning analytics. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and have always worked in our family owned businesses, ranging from television stations to hi-tech flash memory products.

In my experience, primary reasons for Enterprise Systems, Lean Six Sigma, Digital Transformation failures are:
Failure to focus on People and pace and degree at which they can Adapt to Change (Culture, Coaching, Caring)
Underestimating impact of External Macro Forces shaping the future: AI Machine Learning, Income Inequality, Big Data, Social Media, Fake News
Failure to use both Stats & Stories to persuade people, help build case for change
For this reason, I spend time upfront talking about these topics BEFORE diving into specific Lean Six Sigma Digital Transformation tools.

from television stations to hi-tech flash memory products.

We Are All Different
We all see the world in different ways. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator breaks us up into 16 different personality types (Source: MBTI Manual). To communicate, train, educate, persuade we must first understand how people are different. Learn more about your personality type.